1.4.2 - Fixed "ValueError: Unknown format code 'f' for object of type 'str'"

1.4.1 - Small bugfixes and code refactoring

1.4.0 - Use Word template for report building

1.3.1 - Add charts to Word document using matplotlib. Some code clean-up and small lay-out changes in Excel.

1.3.0 - Fix retrieval of description and other useful info by parsing <tags> instead of <description>

1.2.3 - Implement

1.2.2 - Fix bug where port info was not correctly extracted

1.2.1 - Fix bug where affected hosts were added on wrong row in Excel export

1.2.0 - Functional export to Word document (.docx). Includes some formatting. TODO: graphs

1.1.0a - Support for exporting to Word document (.docx). Limited formatting, needs more testing

1.0.1a - Small updates, preparing for export to other formats

1.0.0 - First official release, supports export to Excel with graphs, ToC and worksheet per vulnerability